Abdullah B. Umar a Devoted Life to The Service of Islam

Abdullah B. Umar a Devoted Life to The Service of Islam

(Hz. Umar’s son, one of the seven companions who narrated the most hadiths and gave the most fatwas)

Asselamu aleyküm dear readers, we are finally back together after a lengthy break. I will outline Abdullah b. Umar’s life in this text. Abdullah b. Umar was my choice due to his unwavering adherence to Islam and the teachings of his Prophet (pbuh) as well as his dignified stand against injustice. Because of this, he is among the most excellent Companions in terms of serving as a role model for present Muslims.

 Briefly, If we talk about Abdullah’s family, he is the son of Umar and the brother of Hafsa who is the wife of Prophet (pbuh). Therefore, he spent more time with prophet Muhammad. This situation enabled him to be the 2nd companion in the most hadith narration out of 7 companions with 2650 hadiths.

 The  most significant feature that made Abdullah b. Umar valuable was that he adopted the lifestyle of the Prophet to the letter and accepted his orders without questioning .  For example, one day, Abdullah wanted to interpret a dream he saw with the Prophet, and he presented his dream to the Messenger of Allah through his older sister Hafsa. Prophet said his sister “What a good person Abdullah is, I wish he would pray at night too!” (Buhârî, “Feżâʾilü aṣḥâbi’n-Nebî”, 19) After that day, Abdullah never left the tahajjud prayer. After the death of the Messenger of God, out of love for him, he learnt the places where he prayed, walked on the paths used to walk, sat under the shaded trees, and watered them so that they would not dry out.

He left the things that he loved most

One of the notable and wealthy Companions was Abdullah Ibn Umar. He would make sure that his wealth didn’t increase too much and would give the needy what he had. His favorite things were often set aside to be sacrificed for Allah or given as alms. He once began to fall profoundly in love with one of his concubines, and as soon as he did, he set her free and married her to another of his freedmen.

 When he noticed that his slaves were in good health and discovered that he was specifically praying, he started to release all of his slaves. One of his friends felt the need to warn him. His friends stated that some of his slaves went to the mosque only to be set free: Abdullah b. Umar replied to him: We are willing to be deceived by those who want to deceive us with Allah. He freed more than 1000 slaves for various reasons.

He avoided looking arrogant by wearing simple clothing. He was in good health, but he ate little food. Ibn Omar was of medium height, large build and dark skinned. Her hair was long enough to fall over her shoulders. He dyes his beard yellow. He said that the Prophet was doing the same.

God bless him.

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Mehmet Salih Taylan

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